In 2014 the best craftmanship tradition joined the classic “made in Italy” style and Maison Dandy was born as a symbol of contemporary glamour. Many diverse influences and inspirations coming from contemporary art flow into the Piedmontese studios where Maison Dandy collections are born as landmarks of handcrafting and Italian style.

Standing as a high profile brand with a natural leaning toward fashion and luxury goods, Maison Dandy delivers an exquisite design, unmatched in contemporary Italian and International fashion.

Conceived for a modern and sophisticated woman in search for a ground breaking style, Maison Dandy collections are imbued with both classic elegance and innovative ideas which give birth to unique dresses and accessories marked out with a superior quality. An accurate process of materials selection and a flawless manufacturing allow Maison Dandy’s collections to really stand out from an overflowing fashion market.

A manufacturing cycle which develops entirely in Italy guarantees the highest possible quality standard for an unrivaled luxury.